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Provider Highlight: Dr. Aisha Chaudhry

by: Sameen Butt, Program & Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Aisha Chaudhry

Dr. Aisha Chaudhry

The American Podiatric Medical Association estimates that the average person walks over 100,000 miles on their feet over their lifetime.  We often take our feet for granted for the majority of our life, until an issue arises, limiting our movement or even preventing us to perform our routine activities. Even then, many of us do not know of the dangers of pedal (foot) illnesses nor of the physicians, trained specially to care for our natural mode of transportation. 

Upon first sight of her, you see a confident, warm-hearted woman, cloaked in a white coat, pens clipped to her pockets. When she begins conversation, the former sight remains, but the intelligent physician and businesswoman within her shine brightly through her words and demeanor. This is Dr. Aisha Chaudhry.  

Dr. Aisha Chaudhry is a podiatric surgeon and owner of Advanced Care Podiatry and Pennsylvania Foot & Ankle Associates, PC. She completed her undergraduate and graduate education at Temple University. She went on to complete her podiatric surgery residency at Cooper University Hospital, in Camden, New Jersey. Her service to her alma mater continues till date, as she sits on the Board of Visitors and holds an Assistant Professor position at Temple University School of Pediatric Medicine. 

While many attend inner-city universities and hospital training programs, not all physicians graduate with the mindset of consistently giving back to the community. Dr. Chaudhry proved to be one of the few who left with the intention to utilize her training and skills to benefit the less fortunate populations.  

“The best advice I can give to new and young physicians is that there is more than enough money out there for everyone. Do good in the world, and good will come back to you.” 

Through her practice at Advanced Care Podiatry, Dr. Chaudhry offers a wide range of podiatric services for the uninsured patients of Medina Community Clinic. Every patient in her care has left satisfied and extremely happy with her kind personality and humility.  

Apart from her patients through Medina Clinic, Dr. Chaudhry also regularly offers her services to the Family Health Clinic of Capital Health, as well as welcoming charity patients in her own office. Dr. Chaudhry also is a family woman – a wife and a mother – along with maintaining an active role in her local faith community. She believes strongly that her faith drives her to all the service she provides on a personal, professional and communal basis. Her passion to serve all equally aligns entirely with Medina Clinic’s mission, hence our staff unanimously selected her as “Provider of the Year” for the 2019 service year. 

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