• Specialty Healthcare Facilitation​​

    • Our team facilitates the access to specialty health providers who offer medical care in their private outpatient offices to patients without health insurance. ​

    • All appointments and communications with the specialty offices are funneled through our team.

  • Patient Navigation

    • Our patient navigation team is the central body of all clinical activity within Medina Clinic.​

    • Patient navigators remain in communication with the patients, provider offices and primary care offices, as well as diagnostic centers.

    • Patient navigators will guide each patient through step-by-step procedures to ensure their medical and social needs are addressed. This includes, and is not limited to:

      • charity care​

      • diagnostic testing

      • transportation

      • social services (food, shelter, employment, family support, etc)

      • medication access

      • educational resources

  • ​Transportation​

    • For any of our patients who do not have a means to travel to their appointments, Medina Clinic provides them with transport​action via carpool services, like Uber and Lyft.

*Funded by grant from the Bank of Princeton*

  • Chronic Disease Awareness/Education

    • Chronic diseases affect all communities, but not all communities are provided easy access to education and awareness on the history, background, and management of these illnesses. Our team has committed to organizing small but effective sessions in communities of need to ensure that, at minimum, they are being exposed to information.​

    • Sessions on other illnesses can also conducted, based upon the community's need and request.

    • Topics include: diabetes, heart disease, mental health, nutrition, physical wellbeing, influenza

  • Community Resource Education

    • Being a community organization working with a very vulnerable population, we aim to provide as much credible information and link our patients to as many reliable facilities as possible. Surviving as a vulnerable individual in today's socioeconopolitical landscape is not easy and mistrust is inevitable. We source only safe-proven institutions and relay pertinent information to our clientele.​

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