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Provider Highlight: Dr. Maher Ibrahim

by: Sameen Butt, Program & Outreach Coordinator


Dr. Maher Ibrahim

In 2016, a study published by the CDC estimated that 20.4% of adults in the United States suffered from chronic pain, while 8.0% suffered from high-impact pain. For many years, over-the-counter medication, progressed to opioids for long term management. Amidst the challenges of tackling chronic pain for patients, a bigger challenge is presented for people without health insurance. Access to medical services and the necessary medication can be a daunting situation for those without insurance coverage, especially those struggling to make ends meet on a regular basis.


This same CDC study showed that chronic pain was more prevalent among adults living in poverty and adults with less than a high school education. Through Medina Community Clinic, Dr. Maher Ibrahim has entered as a ray of hope for chronic pain sufferers without health insurance.


Dr. Maher Ibrahim is an interventional pain management physician, who received his medical degree at Alexandria University School of Medicine, in Egypt. Upon moving to the United States, he continued his training in anesthesiology at SUNY Stony Brook and interventional pain management at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.


Today, he practices in Hamilton, New Jersey and maintains affiliations with major local hospitals.


“I’ve suffered with chronic lower back pain for years. My work has me lifting and doing tasks that are stressful on my body.” Many of the patient cases received at Medina Clinic have similar stories – hardworking individuals, pushing through the pain and discomfort, barely making enough to cover essential needs.


“I depended on Tylenol for my pains, because I don’t have insurance. Because of Medina [Clinic], I got to see Dr. Ibrahim and until I got to his office, I didn’t know he was such a qualified doctor. But he gave me so much attention and went through my whole story. He was the first doctor to give me full explanations, real answers and a real solution.”


His teaching abilities have been stellar since the beginning of his career in the United States. While completing his internship at Long Island College Hospital, Dr. Ibrahim taught anatomy, biochemistry and microbiology at Princeton Review School. His scholarship has always proven impressive, as he completed his residency in the top of his class. He has various publications and abstracts and has received multiple awards during his training and teaching career, namely “Teacher of the Year” from Princeton Review School and Hahnemann University Hospital.


Dr. Ibrahim’s mission aligns exactly with Medina Clinic’s mission – to return patients to a more active, healthier lifestyle.

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