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Kemi Alli, MD

Fractional Chief Executive & Chief Medical Officer

Kemi Alli is a compassionate and visionary executive leader widely recognized for her transformative impact on healthcare management. Known for her empathetic approach and strategic acumen, Dr. Alli has cultivated a profound reputation for developing comprehensive healthcare services and fostering collaboration with dedicated professionals.

Dr. Alli's leadership was visibly transformative at the Henry J. Austin Health Center in Trenton, New Jersey. As Chief Executive Officer, she implemented a strategic plan that diversified and enhanced healthcare offerings, significantly improving employee morale and the operational budget. Dr. Alli's innovative initiatives included establishing New Jersey's first Advanced Nurse Practitioner Residency program and Mercer County's first clinical pharmacy. Under her guidance, the Health Center evolved into a regional hub for Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Healthcare, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and practices to enhance patient care.

Dr. Alli's impact extended to infrastructure development, securing over $5 million for construction and renovation projects. She skillfully restructured financial operations, achieving remarkable improvements. Her ability to build strong relationships with industry leaders and innovative business strategies elevated the center's local, regional, and national presence. Dr. Alli emerged as a prominent voice for public awareness, engaging in national, regional, and local media and forums, including esteemed venues like The White House.

Before assuming the role of CEO, Dr. Alli served as the Chief Medical Officer at the Henry J. Austin Health Center, where she significantly expanded acute and urgent care services, played a pivotal role in the center's financial recovery, and executed strategic healthcare initiatives that raised the center's standards of patient care.

Her earlier roles at the Health Center, including Pediatric Section Chief and Acting Chief Medical Officer, showcased Dr. Alli's dedication to standardizing clinical practices and enhancing the pediatric department. Her grant writing and fundraising efforts significantly benefited the department, underscoring her deep-rooted commitment to positive patient outcomes as a pediatrician.

Dr. Alli's medical journey began at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMC), where she completed her Medical Doctorate, pediatric internship, and residency before serving as a Staff Physician at RWJMC. Dr. Alli holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Rutgers University.

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