FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is Medina Clinic a physical clinic?

    • ​The short answer is, no. We are more of the central facility of a network, connecting specialty healthcare providers, primary care providers, diagnostic testing centers and patients. 

    • We facilitate and guide our patients through the healthcare system, providing support to attain their journey to health.

    • The address on our website and all digital and print media is our administrative office only.

  • Can I just call and receive an appointment immediately?

    • Not exactly. We do require a patient presents evidence of a diagnosis assigned by a licensed US physician/medical provider. Additionally, many of our specialists require relevant blood tests/diagnostic tests, to ensure they can provide the best care and treatment plan for the patients.  ​

  • Will I be charged for appointments?

    • No, you will not be charged for appointments with Medina Clinic specialists.​

    • You may be charged for charity care and labs/diagnostic tests. Those services are not provided by Medina Clinic, hence we do not have the authority to waive any fees they may charge.

  • Will I be charged for using your transportation services?​

    • No, you will not be charged for using our transportation services.

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