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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Medina Clinic a physical clinic?

We will be soon! For now, we connect patients with primary and specialty healthcare providers, as well as diagnostic testing centers. Through our Patient Care Navigator, we facilitate and guide our patients through the healthcare system, providing support along the way.

Can I call and receive an appointment immediately?

Not always. We do require that a patient present evidence of a diagnosis assigned by a licensed US physician/medical provider. Appointment timing will depend on what type of specialty care you need. Additionally, many of our specialists require relevant blood tests/diagnostic tests to ensure they can provide the best care and treatment plan for the patients.

Will I be charged for appointments?

You will never be charged for appointments with specialists in Medina Clinic’s network. However, you may be charged for charity care and labs/diagnostic tests, depending on the hospital or clinic you go to. Those services are not provided by Medina Clinic, so we do not have the authority to waive any fees they may charge.


Will I be charged for using your transportation services?​

No, Medina Clinic’s transportation services are free.


How do I get started?

Click here to get in touch with Medina Clinic and check out the Resources page to find forms you may need.

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