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Elona Deprez, MA

Chief Development & Communications Officer

Elona Deprez boasts an impressive career spanning over two decades in strategic marketing, development, and leadership strategies. Her unwavering commitment to supporting organizations across diverse industries and helping those from underserved backgrounds has driven her remarkable success. She has worked and collaborated with esteemed institutions like Philadelphia University, Rowan University, Cabrini University, ETS, Henry J. Austin Health Center, and more.


Elona's commitment to bolstering non-profit organizations in achieving optimal funding began over two decades ago, resulting in millions of dollars to support many causes close to her heart. As a fervent champion for data-driven decision-making, Elona's dedication to data analysis serves as a compass for strategic donor engagement. Her proficiency in grant management consistently leads to elevated revenues for every organization with which she collaborates.


However, Elona considers her most significant accomplishment to be her ability to assemble high-performing teams. Her empathetic leadership style and extensive educational background in organizational leadership position her as a standout mentor for those who collaborate with her. Witnessing her team members evolve, learn, and ultimately achieve their career aspirations brings immense pride and satisfaction.


Elona holds a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from Millersville University and her Master's in Organizational Leadership from Rider University. Currently, she is engaged in doctoral studies at Vanderbilt University, where she is a candidate in the esteemed Leadership and Learning in Organization program.

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