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Medina Community Clinic is committed to working to create opportunities for members of our community to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. We've worked to do this by striving for health equity and addressing disparities in access to care and culturally competent care. We've been working to expand our focus to also connecting our patients to social, behavioral and environmental supports and resources in the community. 


In light of current and historical events, we also want to affirm our commitment to racial justice, equality and human and civil rights. Silence is not an option in the face of injustice and Medina Clinic is in support of striving to dismantle systems of oppression. 


Activism comes in many forms. Educating yourself on the issues, calling your legislators to demand justice, donating to reputable organizations are all forms of activism. The requirement is that we do something. We hope this list of resources will help you get started. #BlackLivesMatter

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